How to further your family's mindfulness practice- with help!

How to further your family's mindfulness practice- with help!

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Things are opening up, life is going back to normal and I know for those of you in the UK they have been that way for some time, I however am still getting used to that! I have not gone back to an indoor yoga class yet, but I’m considering it and I’m sure I’ll get there. I may also live in a new area and I haven’t found a teacher that I love here yet so there are some different reasons, but Covid and pandemic trauma is definitely one of them!

So, with that in mind I want to talk about the benefits of going to and signing up for mindfulness classes instead of practicing mindfulness and meditation on your own. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of YouTube videos and countless apps that can help to kick start your mindfulness practice but there is nothing like feeling the energy of other people around you when you are learning a new skill. Apps and videos and ways to meditate at home are great! And I don’t want to discourage you from trying them, especially if you feel intimidated by a class which is what happened to me when I first started practicing yoga but if you have the time and the resources I would highly recommend signing up for a class. 

I remember during a particularly difficult class for me (ie my mind did not want to focus on my breath, all it wanted to do was to think and complain about how difficult it was to try to focus on my breath) I opened my eyes at one point and looked around and I thought ‘well if they can do it, so can I’ and it kept me going. It can be really easy to start meditating and then decide it’s too difficult and walk away from it if you are alone. Even online classes you will feel and experience the other people with you. 

If I have paid for something I am going to do it which is why paying for a class or a block of classes is really useful for me because it means I won’t make up an excuse not to go, I want to get value for money! And that goes for classes of all types for me! 

When you are starting out with something new that may be challenging signing up and committing to a class is something I would highly recommend. The free resources are great of course and I would suggest checking out Headspace but if you can please sign up for a class, you’re your future self and your children will thank you for it. 

And if you feel so inclined you could even take your children along with you to the class if it is a class suitable for that, like my upcoming Relax Kids at Bedtime class that will be beginning in November. All of the details are on my website here and you could be in with a chance to win a free place for you and your whole family if you enter the competition I’m running on my Facebook page here

Mindfulness in Action

As we are now well and truly in Autumn now, and the leaves are well and truly falling from the trees so I want you to go for a walk at some point this week and notice how many leaves you can see on the ground, bonus points if you walk through the leaves kicking them. Have fun. Enjoy this new season and notice how that feels. 


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