Gratitude in Action

Gratitude in Action

We are in the final stretch of this year. Just less than two months left of the year and I cannot believe it! What happened to 2021! I still sometimes mistakenly write 2020 as a date and we’re almost in 2022! My dad always says that as you get older time goes faster and I don’t think he’s wrong!

For this blog I want to talk a little about how mindfulness can help us during times of stress. Usually when we’re stressed, the first thing to go from our routine is whatever forms of self care we have and this, as I’m sure you already know results in more stress! But when we feel like we don’t have enough time to get basic life things done like cooking a proper meal or getting enough hours of sleep
how can we be expected to continue with our 10-minute meditation practice or our half an hour of yoga, or even simply going for a 15 minute walk?
The truth is, we can’t. Things that don’t feel like a necessity to get yourself and everyone else through the day in one piece are not done when we don’t have the time. This is why I have put such an emphasis on practicing mindfulness when you are already doing something else. Making lunches for the kids is a necessity for a lot of parents, so why not mindfully make the lunches. Notice the
feeling of the bread in your hands, notice the smell of the filling, how does it look as it spreads over the bread, what does the lunchbox smell like? (this may not be so pleasant but it will remind you that the box might need to be cleaned which could be good for your child’s health! Haha!)

Mindfulness helps us to notice. It helps us to be aware of how we are and what we are thinking and feeling. This all being said, when we are stressed, the last thing we feel like doing, or even remember to do, is to mindfully do anything. It may feel like mindfulness doesn’t help us in actual stressful situations. If this is how you feel, I would invite you to reflect back on your pre-mindfulness life, or even ask a friend if that’s easier. Mindfulness is not a quick fix for anything but it helps us to become more aware.

And I just wanted to remind ye about my upcoming Relax Kids at Bedtime course. We start on Thursday, 4th November so you still have a few days to book. This course is perfect for families who struggle with bedtimes, families who would like to spend more quality time together but have difficulty setting aside the time, and for anyone who would like the learn some tips and tricks to help
calm a busy or anxious mind. All the details are available on my website, including how to book so check out the link here

Mindfulness in Action
We have something fun for the whole family this week. I want you to write down three things you are grateful for at the end of every day. You could do this in a journal or you could do it as a family and everyone writes different things on pieces of paper and puts them in a jar and then by the end of the week, month or even the year you have lots of lovely memories to read.


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