Muddy Lab - Outdoor Kitchen

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Why not try your hand at open-air cooking with this Muddy Lab: it is ready to introduce children aged 3 years and up to a whole host of experiences in the great outdoors! Once the ideal location has been found in the garden or on a terrace, little ones will simply have to put their imagination into gear to enjoy the richness of nature and everything that surrounds us! A little soil, a few blades of grass, water, pretty flowers... mix, experiment, observe and learn whilst having fun! And why not plant your own pots on this outdoor workbench or potting table? You can imagine anything with this pine pretend toy that has been specially treated for outdoor use. This actual laboratory for nature discoveries is perfectly equipped to satisfy all garden adventurers, thanks to its 2 sinks and 2 small removable plastic pots which will allow little ones to go in search of ingredients for secret potions! A real tap makes cleaning easy: simply fill the tub and then open the tap from right to left to let the water flow! A metal sieve and a paintbrush are also provided to facilitate your little explorer’s research. Finally, for all their discoveries, your child will have 2 pieces of chalk and a detachable writing surface. The worktop is 56 cm high. The Muddy Lab is made of FSC® wood. Wood is an organic material and therefore, some boards may have knots and colour variations. Protect the product from bad weather.

Discover nature and carry out open-air experiments!
The joys of “mud” and “grub” for little ones aged 3 years and over
Designed for outdoor use and supplied with 10 accessories, including 1 functional tap

Skills Developed:

  • Swap & Share
  • Imagine, Invent, & Create
  • 3-5 Years Old
  • FSC®-certified toy
Dimensions 77 x 35 x 95 cm (30.31 x 13.77 x 37.40")
Material(s) Wood, plastic, metal
Box type Pretty closed box

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