Kids Ultimate Sensory Experience Mega Play Pack Toy- 12 pack

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The Ultimate Playtime Product!

Sprinkle Gelli Play over water and watch it magically turn into colourful goo for hours of messy play fun!

Slime Play magically turns water into gooey slime right before your eyes.

Sprinkle the Crackle Baff crystals over your bath water and listen to it crackle, pop and magically change colour!

SnoBall Battle Pack transforms water into realistic snow, that allows you to create and mould your very own snowballs!

The perfect product for messy and multi-sensory play!

Contains: 3 x Red Gelli Play (20g) 3 x Green Slime (20g) 3 x Crackle Baff Colours (20g) 3 x SnoBall Play (20g) SkinSafe - Drain Safe - Easy Clean - Stain Free Our powder is certified biodegradable!

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