Egg-And-Spoon Race

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Who has never had an egg and spoon race? On your marks, get set, go! For a race where skill and speed will be needed to cross the finish line with your egg still in hand! Hold the spoon firmly in your hand with the funny little egg on it, and you’re off! This fun skill game will be the perfect activity for a birthday or a party with friends, for moments of laughter and sharing together. With wooden eggs, the coolest thing (for adults) is the lack of cleaning up at the end of the game! The game contains: 4 wooden eggs (6 x 4.5 cm) and 4 wooden spoons (13 x 5 cm), it is suitable for children from 3 years old. Game made of FSC®-certified wood and water-based paint.

♫ Let the party begin, with the ‘Birthday Party’ range from Janod! Festive and fun games for sharing in order to remember a special day. An explosion of laughter and good humour is the recipe for a successful party!

Skills Developed:

  • Swap & Share
  • Walk, Run, Move
  • 3-10 Years Old
  • Waterpainting
  • FSC®-certified toy
imensions 18 x 5 x 14 cm (7.08 x 0.78 x 5.5")
Material(s) Wood
Box type Pretty closed box

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