BRICO' Kids Reversible  Workbench
BRICO' Kids Reversible  Workbench
BRICO' Kids Reversible  Workbench

BRICO' Kids Reversible Workbench

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If you love building things, it’s natural that you want to keep building more and more! That’s why Janod’s come up with a new-generation double-sided workbench: we call it the Reverso! Ideal for children from 3 to 8 years old, this beautiful wooden workbench is as well-equipped as it is beautiful. Made of curved wood, this original bench will give your child hours of fun: whichever side they choose! On the front there’s a fully-featured magnetic workbench, including a clever range of magnetic tools to make sure that everything you need is just where you need it and various accessories so your child can build and re-build to their heart’s content. The set includes 3 magnetic tools and 29 accessories (nuts, screws, wooden nails, plates, chalks, a vice, gears and a blackboard for writing on). The accessories are all kept in the specially-designed compartment on the front of the bench. On the back, the bench transforms into a 4-track helter-skelter, featuring 2 cars to send down the tracks to turn the wheels and ring the bells! This all-wood workbench set includes a total of 34 accessories.

  • Beautiful double-sided toy
  • Trendy round shapes
  • Many activities from 3 years old

    Skills Developed:

    •Build & Design

    •Imagine, Invent, Create

    •3-6 Years Old



    Dimensions 55 x 29 x 77,5 cm (21.6 x 11.4 x 30.5")
    Material(s) Wood
    Box type Lovely box
    Assembly time 30 minutes

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