Brico' Kids DIY Barrel 50 Pieces (Wood)

Brico' Kids DIY Barrel 50 Pieces (Wood)

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Let's go for the invention of the century! Little tinkerers and inventors from the age of 3 will be delighted to explore their imagination to the max with this barrel of wooden accessories! Your children will be able to build the craziest contraptions, the wackiest tools and why not find their vocation! Alone or with friends, the creation contests will go well! They will be able to build many different things: planes, motorbikes...
This set contains 50 accessories: 7 washers Ø58x8mm (2.3x0.31") + 2 wooden planks with 4 holes 230x30x6mm (9.1x1.2x0.24") + 8 wooden planks with 3 holes 170x30x6 mm (6.7x1.2x0.24") + 4 wooden planks with 2 holes 100x30x6mm (3.9x1.2x0.24") + 12 hexagonal nuts 34x30x15 mm (1.3x1.2x0.59") + 3 cubic nuts 30x30x30mm (1.2x1.2x1.2") + 4 bolts 34x65mm (1.3x2.6") + 8 screws Ø24x65mm (0.94x2.6") + 1 screwdriver 140x20x26 mm (5.5x0.79x1") + 1 spanner 155x50x10mm (6.1x2x0.39")
  • Contains 50 wooden pieces
  • A large number of constructions to build
  • To develop motor skills and imagination
Skills Developed:


•Build & Design

•Imagine, Invent, & Create

•3-6 Years Old

Dimensions 18.5 x 18.5 x 21 cm (7.3 x 7.3 x 8.3")
Material(s) Wood (MDF, cherry wood and plywood)

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