DIY: Contact paper art

DIY: Contact paper art

contact paper art

This project was really fun for us to do indoors and it gave us a great piece of art for our living room :) 

What you'll need:

  • Contact Paper
  • tape
  • masking tape (optional)
  • craft supplies: feathers, pieces of tissue paper, shredded paper, origami, pieces of yarn
  • and/or collect items from outside: leaves, sticks, flowers

First I placed the contact paper on the wall, sticky side out, where Felix could reach. I secured it all around with tape and then I added the washi tape to create a cute boarder. We gave the wall a little touch so he could feel that it was sticky. I then gave him his craft supplies and modelled how to stick them on. He liked sticking everything on, but he LOVES, taking all the pieces off. We left it up for him to look at and every day it gets a little more bald. contact paper

If you’d like to save your child sticky art creation, you can place a piece of paper over the objects and fold the contact paper in half so that the front and back of the paper are covered in contact paper and it preserves your child’s art. 



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