Book of the Month: We are Family

Book of the Month: We are Family

Whoever we are, whatever the weather, families always stick together.

All families are different- and yet in many ways the same. This book celebrates the differences and similarities between ten families as they eat, sleep, work, and play together. 

A gentle rhyming text and vivid illustrations bring each family's story to life.


Why we love it

-This is an inclusive picture book – it features various types of families, such as biracial, one-parent, LGBT, and grandparents. It is diverse and positive.

-Each page depicts all of the families participating in similar activities. It gives the readers multiple opportunities to discuss how each family interacts. 

-It features diverse ethnicities and body abilities.


Book Information

ISBN: 9781848576438
Publication date: 11th January 2018
Author: Patricia Hegarty
Illustrator: Ryan Wheatcroft
Publisher: Caterpillar Books Ltd an imprint of Little Tiger Press Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 24 pages
Suitable for: 3+ readers, 5+ readers
Genres: Bedtime Reading, Family / Home Stories


Where you can buy it


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