What's the deal with fabric recycled from plastic bottles?

What's the deal with fabric recycled from plastic bottles?

We are lucky here at Edith and Blanche to be based in Southsea, on the South Coast of England, which is glorious during the summer sunshine. However, in reality we probably get more rainy days and we like to play outside whatever the weather so need to be prepared!

Finding waterproof rainwear that fit with our ethos used to be prove difficult but more and more brands are now producing quality rainwear made from recycled plastic single use bottles.

The most commonly used textile fibre in the world is polyester or PET. The manufacturing of polyester requires petroleum-based chemicals or petrochemical products from the oil industry, which is incredibly polluting. The fashion industry is one the biggest polluters on the planet, most of this pollution comes the production of fabrics. Finding an alternative can have a huge impact on the earth.

Recycled polyester or rPET is a much more environmentally friendly alternative and is generally produced by recycling single use plastic bottles.
To be reused, the bottles are sorted, cleaned, and melted down into little pellets and then spun into yarn to produce fabric. Choosing this type of fabric helps have an impact on the amount of plastic rubbish littering our oceans, lying in landfill and reduces the strain on natural resources.

It reduces energy consumption by 30-50%, water consumption by nearly 90%, and greenhouse gas emissions by about 60% compared to the raw material made from oil.

We take a lot of time sourcing products that meet our values and quality standards. We currently have rainwear in store from Kite, Little Green Radicals, and TurtleDove London.

Both brands make their rainwear from recycled plastic bottles, approximately 14 bottles per item, and are lined with 100% organic cotton ensuring they are comfortable for our little adventurers.

So lets get out and enjoy not only sunshine but rain, cold days and of course muddy puddles!


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