DIY: Valentines Cards

DIY: Valentines Cards

Valentine's Card

This week we made Valentine's Cards! This was a bit of a multi- step process, but it gave us activities to do over a couple of days.

What you'll need:

  • A4 card stock in light colour
  • toilet rolls
  • child friendly paint
  • scissors or craft knife
  • photo
  • heart paper punch or confetti
  • acetate sheet
  • steel ruler
  • double sided tape


  • bone folder
  • decorative cardstock


  1. Take your toilet rolls and bend them so they form heart shapes.

Heart shaped toilet roll

2. Let your little one dip the toilet roll hearts into the paint and use them like stamps.

Heart stamp

3. After they have stamped til their heart's delight. You'll need to wait until the paint has dried.

4. Once all dried, you will fold the paper in half to form your A5 sized card. If you have a bone folder, use this to make the crease.

5. Next, open the card back up and cut a square out approx. 10cm in size. Put this to the side.

6. Take another piece of card stock, this can be the same colour or patterned and cut a 13cm square. Cut an additional 13cm square out of the acetate sheet.

7. Cut out your photo and glue it to the 13cm card stock square. 

8. Next, add double sided tape to each side of the photo square. Sprinkle some heart paper punch outs or confetti in the middle of the photo. 

Valentines day card

9. Line up the acetate square and adhere it with the double sided tape to form your "snow globe" photo.

10. Add double sided tape around the square you cut on the card on the inside of the card and adhere your "snow globe" photo. 

Voilà! You've made a Valentine's card to make any heart swoon!


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