Solar System Print (Size A3)

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But wait- you're already past Mars and no longer on solid ground. Which way should you turn? Too far left and you'll crash into Venus. You might need a map! Lucky for you, we have one. Calling all budding astronauts, our Solar System print lets you jump into the unknown and explore the final frontier! There are 8 planets, not including Pluto.

Including each planet's diameter, distance from the sun and orbit period for your convenience, this informative yet playful design will spark a curiosity for space exploration in any little astronomer.

Handmade with ❤️ in Manchester, UK

These prints are produced by a small Manchester business that focuses quality, care and attention. Their 12 colour print process give the richest colours and the deepest blacks, to the hand-finish of every single print, you can be sure every piece is produced to the highest possible standard!

Printed with Ultrachrome Pro 12 Inks

We use 12 specialist resin-coated pigment inks to deliver prints of outstanding durability and quality, colour gamut, lightfastness and water-resistance. Far superior to that of most commercial and professional printers.

Professional Museum Quality Fine-Art Card

We print on a professional fine-art card with a finely textured surface guaranteeing extraordinary print results with impressive colour reproduction, unlike budget papers that quickly fade and lose their vibrancy.


Frame not included

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